At Barefoot Bear we are passionate about an environment that contains some of the most beautiful forests and wildlife anywhere on the planet. It is our mission to take you on a close encounter with this environment and enjoy a truly up lifting and exciting holiday.

Barefoot Bear partners with local experts and business to offer adrenaline fuelled activities, challenging trekking and survival programs and the chance to escape to one of the most peaceful corners of Europe. 

Barefoot Bear has been founded by local people to show case their skills and the beauty of their environment. Our company continually invests in the development of the local area and people. By choosing to travel with us you will not only be investing into the local area but helping rebuild local villages – literally!

The founding partners come from Kočevje in Slovenia and started the company with the intention of putting this remote but special part of a beautiful country firmly on the map.

It is our intention that Barfoot Bear becomes a vehicle by which we can bring new life and opportunity to the area by reinvesting back into the community we have come from.

So come and help us realise this ambition and have a unforgettable experience in doing it!


At Bearfoot Bear we use local guides who are passionate about what they do and the environment they do it in. They come from all walks of life and professional back grounds but each is an expert in their particular field.


All our guides have the required training and accreditation to make your adventure a unique and enjoyable experience. Please take the time to read through the individual profiles of our guides and get to know the special people who will lead your adventure.

Our guides come from the local communities that we work in. Having grown up in the area they are passionate about treating it with the respect this unique environment deserves- after all its their home!

By choosing to come on an adventure with Barefoot Bear you will be getting a unique local and authentic experience from an expert in that particular field who calls it home.


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